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Hi! I’m Caleigh. I’ve been a massage therapist since 2009. A frequent question I get asked is, “what made you chose massage therapy”? Honestly, I don’t think I chose massage therapy, massage therapy chose me. I graduated from K-State with my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I was at that time focused on getting into a nursing program. As I was waiting to hear back from the program I really wanted in to, I started looking for jobs in the health care field. I stumbled upon massage therapy and researched it. I liked what I saw. Next, I found a school that I thought would suit my needs and applied. The next day I was contacted by the administrator, scheduled a meeting for a school tour. Went to the meeting excited and nervous. After my tour, I knew that massage is where I needed to be. It just felt right. I told the administrator that I was interested in pursuing this career and sign me up! So, that is what happened. I did an accelerated 750-hour program at MTTI-Wellspring and received my certification. Massage is a true passion of mine. I’m so lucky to have a job that I love going to everyday.


My philosophy is that everybody truly needs a good massage. You don’t have to be a professional athlete, a model, or a celebrity to enjoy a massage. Massages are geared toward everyone, therefore everyone should get one. I have a lot of people tell me they can’t get a massage because it’s a luxury, an unneeded expense. I say to them this is more than just luxury. This is healthcare. Even though it doesn’t feel like healthcare, it absolutely is. Massage is good for the mind, the body and the soul. The more in tuned you are with your body, the better your life will be. You will notice things that you will never have noticed before. I have many clients who I have turned into true believers of massage. They say their everyday life has changed for the positive since they have been getting regular massages. But that is the key, staying regular. I know life gets crazy, believe me when I say I KNOW! But we need to get away from using that as an excuse. There is no excuse to not take care of yourself.


I also believe that massage therapy should be affordable. People hear stories of their friends, relatives, co-workers going to spas and spending hundreds of dollars for a mediocre to poor massage. That breaks my heart. If you pay that kind of money, you should have a positive experience like no other. Most cases, that’s not true. I’m honestly not in this profession for the money. I get the most pleasure out of my job when I see change in my client’s bodies, when they tell me how much I’ve helped them with their stress level; how their flexibility has increased; how far they’ve come in the journey of recovery from an accident or injury. Those affirmations are why I do what I do. And why I love this job!

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